This information is being maintained for archival purposes only. The current Statewide Kindergarten Assessment in Nevada is the Brigance Screener III. For more information, visit the Nevada Department of Education’s website: GRADES PRE-K-K: BRIGANCE EARLY CHILDHOOD SCREENS III. 


The Nevada Early Childhood Advisory Council (NECAC) is leading efforts to build a comprehensive system of early childhood services across the state so that all children enter school ready to learn.

There is an increasing acknowledgement in Nevada, as in the rest of the nation, that a quality early childhood education is an important component of longer-term student success. High quality early education programs have been found to be cost-effective and beneficial, resulting in positive long-term outcomes for both the child and society. This understanding has created a sense of urgency related to measuring young children’s educational progress and readiness to enter school in order to:

  1. Improve understanding about what parents, educators, and communities can do, beginning at birth, to help children become school-ready;
  2. Identify students who would benefit from intervention and other services; and
  3. Inform local and state policy and program improvement decisions.

Nevada is in the second year of piloting Teaching Strategies Gold™ as a statewide Kindergarten Entry Assessment (KEA). After preliminary feedback from Year 1 of the pilot, Nevada is currently piloting the abbreviated version of the KEA. A final assessment of the pilot is due summer 2015.

Kindergarten Entry Assessment Information